Our Recent Work

3D Illustration

3D Illustration for Front Light Building, Co. Habersham, SC

Village Features was instrumental in the launch of new residential construction company, Front Light Building Company, located in Beaufort Co. South Carolina. The organization requested 3D renderings of the first homes that were to be constructed in the lovely coastal town of Habersham, SC. Habersham is a unique live, work, play community with traditional streets, architecture, and layout. Southern Living Magazine was doing a large promotional tour in Habersham and the builder wanted to get the rendering to show potential homebuyers and hopefully catch the attention of Souther Living Staff for promotional purposes.

Our process began with site photography that captured the empty lots from different vantage points.   Village Features 3D modeled and rendered all the houses and placed them together as they were to be built on the lots. The rendering of the homes were layered on top of the existing photo and tweaked in photoshop to make it appear as it was already built.

Front Light Building Company was able to use the rendering to attract the attention of Southern Living Magazine. Once the initial phase of construction was completed, Southern Living included them on their prestigious tour of homes. The earned media became the foundation for ongoing marketing and a great launch of the company in Habersham.  The rendering was also instrumental in helping them presell their first model.

Star Island Bungalow Concept - Star Island Bahamas

Sklar Ecotecture is a sustainability focused architecture firm based in Bluffton, South Carolina.
In the Fall of 2015, David Sklar, the founder, needed a rendering to show the lifestyle attraction of their new eco friendly, carbon neutral bungalow concept to be used at state-of-the-art green projects, such as STAR Island Bahamas. Star Island is a newly developed eco tourism island with a total area of 35 acres and 50 private waterfront home sites.

Sklar Ecotecture needed to renders to help promote the concept to investors and move forward with the final design and construction of a series of bungalows to built as the second phase of construction and first overnight accommodations.

Village features was able to use the architect’s Vectorworks 3d file and add detail, material, and lighting to bring the concept to life resulting in tremendous buy in from investors

3D Illustration for Sea Pines Resort

Sea Pines Resort Beach Club - Hilton Head, SC

The Sea Pines Resort Office of Development contacted Village Features in the Spring 2013 to request renders of a new Beach Club to be built over old one. Sea Pines Resort is a world class vacation destination located on Hilton Head Island, SC. Sea Pines Resort contacted Village Features following the demolition of the old beach club, a building that was staple of the Sea Pines experience for decades. They needed to show residents and vacationers alike what was going to replace it.  Village Features placed a render of the newly designed Beach Club upon a drone image taken from the ocean.  Guests and Sea Pines homeowners remarked that the final image gave the impression that the building in the photo already existed.

We began the process using a high resolution photograph provided by the client and quickly went to work matching the virtual camera with the location from which the real camera vantage point was taken.  The Village Features artists cleaned up the Revit model we received from the client and added realistic materials like the cedar shake siding and ipe decking.  We then took the EXIF data from the photo along with the known GPS coordinates of the site to recreate the exactly angle of the sunlight at the time the photo was taken.  After rendering the building and walkways we blended the render with the existing site in photoshop to create the final composited image.