Bay Creek Development, Cape Charles VA

The Client

Bay Creek Development a new luxury community located in Cape Charles on the Chesapeake Bay at the southern tip of the Eastern shore of Virginia. The developer requested interior virtual reality tours of four Southern Living Idea Homes with the goal of selling properties on land owned by the developer. Village Features was engaged by Wade Adler, Bay Creeks CMO and the architect on the project, Allison Ramsey. The VR tours were created for buildings named after historical figures including William Scott, Littleton Tazewell, Orris A. Browne and Mary Cassatt. These VR tours illustrated luxury homes selling from $500,000 - $2 million each.  The virtual reality tours were used at the conference meetings to illustrate the buildings during the most important selling season.


The Creative Process

Village features worked closely with the marketing team, architects, and interior designers on this project. The process began by taking photographs on site in Virginia. These images enable prospective clients to experience what the building will look like on the actual lots. A lift was used to capture views from the elevation of the master suite balcony ensuring an accurate perspective of the vista overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. The MirageVR tours were modeled from CAD plans, as well as the client's Pinterest pages and Houzz ideabooks. This research allowed us to achieve a specific look in keeping with the Southern Living Designer Home aesthetic. All items within the homes were modeled including a La Cornue CornuFé stove. Village Features acquired the specifications and rendered the stove so that it was indistinguishable from images in La Cornue's marketing materials. This attention to detail ensures potential buyers see exactly what the properties look like. The size of each home dictated the numbers of points in the tour and each tour consisted of four points to nine points. The Corona rendering engine was used because of its ability to convey lighting realistically. Village Features used Gear VR headsets to display the Mirage VR tours of the properties, they hosted the virtual tour's online and displayed them on large television screens. The headsets were shipped overnight to the shows so that they were available for use during the conference. The project took two months and had deadlines driven by four conferences that were taking place for developers in the area.

Bay Creek Development is competing with similar projects located in Maryland and North Carolina. Once used as a marketing tool, they were certain the virtual tour gave people a better understanding of their projects. The owner of Bay Creek Development was so impressed with the result that he has decided to make virtual reality an intricate part of their ongoing marketing and sales initiatives.