7 Things About Architectural Rendering Services Your Boss Wants To Know

If you are thinking about using architectural rendering services that present ideas as 3D virtual tours, there are several points that your boss may ask about. Here are just some of them. You will then be able answer questions and make this relatively new technology work for your company.

  1. How will the 3D architectural rendering help sell the project? Three services are offered:
  • 3D virtual tours
  • Architectural 3D rendering
  • Virtual walk-throughs

Enabling the client to better envision the property or design, architectural rendering services bring ideas to life.

  1. What are some of the ways we can use 3D virtual tours that will benefit our design process? You will be able to use this feature in many different ways, among them being:
  • Marketing on social media sites
  • As an enhancement to a bid or proposal
  • Presentations to design review boards
  • Final sign-offs before construction
  • Enhance sales presentations
  • Advertising services on your website
  1. We sell luxury real estate. How will this technology help us? It has been shown that a successful marketing strategy for luxury real estate includes showing the client the best possible renderings of a property. They will be able to see exactly how the property, for which they are prepared to spend more, will look and have their questions answered.

  2. How can this technology help our Interior Design Business? Architectural rendering services help transform a room into the personal and magical space that a client is seeking.

  3. Which architectural rendering services have the latest techniques and technology? Since technology is rapidly changing, you will want to make sure that the service you use has the latest technology to meet your needs, such as changing a color after the rendering is done.

  4. Does this architectural company work with commercial or residential property owners or with both of these markets? You will want to be sure that the service you choose is familiar with your project type; references from other projects will ease many concerns.

  5. What kind of costs are involved? In terms of a building project, a 3D virtual tour is small. Moreover, working with architectural rendering services enables you to win jobs that you might not have attained previously. Your boss will want to check out the firm's portfolio and find out just what is included in the cost of the service.

Joshua Hale

Joshua Hale is the founder of Village Features. He enjoys writing about the effects of computer visualization on a business's bottom line as well as it's branding.