A Guide To Developing A Blog Strategy That Sells Luxury Homes

 A Guide To Developing A Blog Strategy That Sells Luxury Homes

It’s tough to find qualified buyers in the luxury home market. That’s reason enough to get serious about using every marketing technique at your disposal to locate them. One of the best ways to reach such a niche market is through blogging. A well-written blog that provides useful information to your audience is a great beginning to developing successful buyer relationships.

It isn’t enough, though, to simply put words to screen. You need to develop a blogging strategy that includes relevant, useful, and high-quality content so that you’re always top-of-mind with buyers seeking a new primary or secondary luxury home. The goal is to create content people want to read and, just as importantly, share. Creating great content is not an easy task, but here’s a fairly simple process for creating a successful blog strategy for your luxury real estate business.

Developing a Blog Strategy

Before you write a single blog post, you need to get some clarity on a number of issues that can then be combined into a defining statement that forms the basis on which all blogging – and marketing – decisions are made. The overriding question is: why does your blog exist?

  • What purpose are you hoping to carry out? For example, buyers of luxury properties care about lifestyle and quality. Will your blog address that angle?
  • What “story” supports this purpose
  • Who shares your passion for this stated purpose?
  • Is your team aligned with this purpose?

Once you’re clear on your mission, you’re ready to move on to creating buyer personas that will identify your ideal customers. The point of blogging is to reach those people who can best be served by solutions you offer. Personas help you tailor your blog content to the widest audience that is interested in what you have to say, and sell.

Observe the Competition

Head online and find five or more of your closest competitors who use blogging as a marketing tool. Conduct a content audit on their blogs, make note of which crucial keywords they’re outperforming you on, and then tailor your own content for those keywords.

Targeting The Best Keywords 

Which keywords are you targeting? Make a list of keyword groups you want to rank for, as well as their associated long-tail keywords. Use those preferred keywords to create your blog content. Keywords are the magnet that let search engines like Google understand what your blog content is about. A successful luxury real estate blog needs to be written for a target audience in a specific market. As you write, picture your readers. Draw from conversations with previous clients and the questions that they had. The more keywords you use that your potential customers are searching with, the better your search engine ranking and chance of reaching your targeted audience.

Distributing Blog Content

Where will you distribute your blog content? Writing great content is difficult enough, now you need to get that content discovered and build a reputation for authority. Many of your potential prospects get their luxury real estate news the same way that other audiences do: on websites and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Keep an active social media presence. The more valuable and useful content you post there, the more likely prospects are to share it, expanding your brand awareness, loyalty, leads, and sales in the process.

Day to day blog management

Who will run your blog? Either you or someone on your team will need to consistently execute your luxury real estate marketing strategy. There are a lot of moving parts to a successful blog. If you want to succeed, each of these elements need to be effectively managed and executed: Editorial Calendar How many blog posts do you want to commit to, and can your schedule handle it? Editorial calendars are really about creating accountability, making sure that every blog post is optimized for keywords, CTAs, etc. And regular posting of relevant and useful content leads to a loyal following that inevitably contributes to the overall success of your blog and business 

  • Keyword research
  • Facts, stats and examples research
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Strategy and editorial calendar governance
  • Creative
  • Promotion
  • Content repurposing

Building an influential blog in the luxury homes market is a surefire way to nurture potential customers. Start with your purpose – the big “why” – and slowly construct a strategy that contributes to your blog’s marketing performance. Remember that blogging is content marketing. It’s a proven way to meet a need that people have and, in the process, become a trusted source of information on luxury real estate. 

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