Building A Lead-Generating Website For Luxury Property Sales

 Building A Lead-Generating Website For Luxury Property Sales

When it comes to luxury property sales you need a website that showcases the very best of what your properties have to offer, while also making visitors feel confident that they can live in one of these homes. But the best websites are an integral part of the sales process and not just an online brochure. Many people browse property listings without ever contacting a broker because they are not told what to do next or provided a compelling reason to begin the process. Your website's goal should be to walk visitors through this process with thoughtful website calls to actions that link to a landing page and form that encourages opt-ins to a series of automated emails that keep your properties top of mind.

Defining what a Lead is

The first step in building a lead-generating website is determining what does and does not qualify as a lead. Here are just a few of the most common actions that companies want visitors to take to generate leads:

  • Sign up to receive blog articles emailed to them (Top of Sales Funnel)
  • Ask for information on newly listed properties (Middle of Sales Funnel)
  • Request a one-on-one consultation with a broker (Bottom of Sales Funnel)
  • Schedule a walk-through of a particular luxury property (Bottom of Sales Funnel)

All of these actions can eventually lead to a sale, but you must first decide what your goals are and how your site will work to promote this one idea.

The Luxury Property Sales Call To Actions

Even people who are in the market for luxury properties do not necessarily know if or when they are ready to jump on a major purchase right away. Your job is to lead them through into the funnel using carefully placed calls to action (CTAs). Your primary CTA will be the one that leads people to the action that you desire most, such as scheduling a showing. However, even people who aren't ready for that step may be interested in a secondary CTA to subscribe to your blog, download your ebook about local and state taxes, or simply to read about amenities and testimonials from current residents. As long as you can keep them interested and learning about your development, you can take smaller steps toward a final sale. Don't forget, your blog is an ideal place to include CTAs because most website visitors will click into your website by seeing a blog article that shows up in a search result. Your homepage may be an attractive front door to your website but an active blog, one with more than a posting per week, will be the page that attracts most of your prospects.

Proper Landing Pages and Forms

For a lead to have value to your organization, the individual viewing your site must be willing to provide their contact information. In general, companies collect this information via forms placed on a landing page. There are some reasons that forms are necessary, but the biggest one is that people are often willing to give out their email address for you to contact them later when they are not at all ready to pick up a phone and call you directly about a property. Forms are less daunting than being forced to call and set up an appointment because that carries a certain expectation of commitment. The forms you use will depend on what your desired action is. For instance, if you are just looking for top-of-funnel prospects, a simple one-line form on your landing page inviting people to get the latest informative blog articles right in their inbox is effective. However, if you are trying to schedule showings, it will be more effective to put a longer form on each property page so that the broker knows what property the individual is interested in and has all relevant contact information. Of course, you can always combine various forms and use several different forms across your site to slowly build the amount information you have on a prospect without overwhelming them with a single long form. Multiple landing pages, forms  and premium offers like guides, brochures, and interactive virtual tours, will help you understand their level of interest. 

The perfect lead generating website for luxury property sales is the one that directly serves your goal to gather client contact information and walk them through a purchase. However, not all clients are at the same stage in the buyer's journey so you should include multiple call to action's, landing pages and automated email campaigns to reach each prospect at every stage of the sales funnel. 

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