How To Make 3D Drawings of Architecture

When you are working on a new architectural project, you may want to invest in the latest software program to help you prepare drawings, renderings and plans. There are several dozen programs available that everyone from architectural students to professionals can use. Some of these programs are available to help you prepare two-dimensional renderings, and others make it simple and easy for you to create detailed 3D drawings. When you take a closer look at some of the programs available, you may find the right programs for your needs. 

The Skill Level Involved

With programs that range from Revit and Vectorworks to 3DSMax and Sketchup, there are many programs to review and compare as you make your selection. It is important to note that these programs can vary significantly based on the skill level involved. Some may be designed for those with experience using CAD software and with considerable architectural expertise, and others may be suitable for even beginners to use with ease. For example, Sketchup is easy enough for even college students to use, and it provides you with the ability to create cartoon-like, 3D drawings of your plans with minimal time and effort. On the other hand, Revit Architecture is a program that is more difficult to use, but it has far more detailed features that may be more suitable for a more experienced architect. 

Different Features To Look For 

In addition to the skill level of each program, you can also compare different features in the programs. Some individuals may only want to create basic 3D drawings, and others may provide you with two-dimensional drawing options as well. In addition, the programs may be designed to work with specific operating systems, and some provide you with the ability to pan around and view the building from different angles. In addition, the rendering techniques may also vary, and these include illustrative, cartoon and even photo-realistic renderings. Vectorworks Architecture, for example, is a highly sophisticated program that may take you many hours to learn how to use, but you will be able to create gorgeous, realistic, three-dimensional renderings after you have mastered the program. 

When your goal is to create 3D drawings, renderings or plans for your next project, you should take a closer look at some of the software programs available. Depending on your time availability, your skill level and the types of renderings you demand, you may have many options to choose from.