How To Sell Luxury Homes with Email Marketing Automation

 How To Sell Luxury Homes with Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation provides many benefits to developers selling luxury homes. Since no two clients are exactly alike, automation allows you to tailor your marketing and content to the specific topics that each prospect is looking for. Email marketing automation takes into account several different metrics to rank your prospective clients based on their activity on your site and the likelihood that they are ready to make a purchase.

Creating Prospect Lists

Shopping for a primary or secondary luxury homes is a lengthy process during which clients make lists of demands, research amenities, check out loan rates, and plenty more. Based on the call to actions they click on and the landing page forms they fill out on your website, your marketing automation program will group them into categories by interest. Now you can tailor the content to each group of individuals in a way that addresses their biggest concerns directly. For one group that means providing additional information about amenities like golf courses, on-site restaurants and fitness facilities resources. For another group, that may mean offering insight into loan rates, resale value and fit out options.

Building Trust with Home Buyers

The benefit to automated email marketing is that it improves the consistency of your contacts and it works to build a stronger customer relationship. Since the content of the emails is personalized to the individual and arrives on a scheduled timeline, you can predict when and where the client is going to be on their journey. As they visit your blog or website to learn more, their actions will indicate when they are ready to move to the next stage. Offering them information that directly answers their questions without sending irrelevant emails also helps build trust that you are there to help them, not just make a sale.

Prioritizing Leads

As prospective buyers receive personalized emails and begin to follow through by visiting your website and digging deeper into available luxury homes, an analytics system will track their movements. This allows you to accurately gauge how far along in the buyer's journey they are and prioritize those prospective buyers who are most likely to make a purchase. You can focus more of your efforts one-on-one with these clients, and allow the automated emails to handle those who are still in the discovery stage. This process drastically improves your ability to close deals and reduces the amount of time from the first contact to final sale.

Email marketing automation uses customer actions to quickly sort prospects based on their level of interest. From there, you will be able to create custom content for each group of prospects designed to greet them and walk them through the entire learning process, encouraging them to reach out for more information when they are ready to take the next step. Those customers who indicate that they are ready to buy will move up on your priority list so that you can address them directly while the automated email system continues to nurture all of your other prospect relationships in a consistent, timely manner. Thus you can spend more of your time selling luxury homes and less time spamming people with non-specific newsletters and unwanted content. 

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