Improving Client Communication with 3D Virtual Tours

When the client sees the 3D Virtual Tour and requests a change, keep in mind that this is a good thing. It’s much easier to reconfigure a kitchen on a computer than in real life. The architectural rendering firm can make changes to the building design and construction plan, and then you can present the revised tour to the client for approval. 

3D virtual tours also add a professional touch. They set you apart from other building design and construction firms. Clients - particularly luxury buyers - appreciate the extra effort you put in to making sure they’re happy with the design.

3D virtual tours are tablet and mobile friendly, so your clients can view them on the go. They’re compatible with MACs and PCs, and they’re available in various formats. You can email them to customers via a link. Panoramic tours also have some marketing applications: post them on your website or share them on Facebook.

The cost of a 3D virtual tour is minimal in the scheme a project. If you prevent just one mid-construction change, the tour has paid for itself. To learn more about this unique service visit our product page by clicking the button below.