Increasing Luxury Real Estate Sales with Architectural Rendering Services


We all know the real estate industry has been a bloodbath for the past half decade.  While the recovery is steadily gaining momentum, there is a continual need to reinvent oneself to stay relevant and improve sales.  Architectural rendering services are that way to stay relevant by engaging potential and existing clients in an increasingly visual world.

Gone are the days where you can just show a set of plans to a client and they would take it right there on the spot.  There are too many options, technologies, and ways to "see" the design to settle for 2D floorplans and elevations.  Consumers now go to Houzz and Pinterest to get ideas way before they step into your sales office and they are far more savvy with their money to simply buy the first home design they come across.

Using Architectural Renders for Easy Engagement

It makes sense to engage consumers where it is easiest, with vision and imagination.  We process visual content 60,000x faster than words and for many what they see be it a simple floor plan, photorealistic image, video, or virtual tour will make or break that first impression.  Imagine them being able to select one of your floorplans, customize it with predesigned additions, material options, and colors then see it in photorealistic quality on the homesite of their choice...that is all possible today.  

Thankfully, you don't have to hire Pixar or some giant animation studio to create these for you. Village Features creates photorealistic architectural renders, 360˚ CGI Panoramic Tours, and virtual video tours tailored with the luxury real estate professional in mind.