Learn The Price of Subcontracting 3D Architectural Renders

 The Price of Subcontracting 3D Architectural Renders

The Return On Investment of Outsourcing Architectural Renders

Today, visual media is a crucial component in how developers and real estate agents attract and convert potential buyers. The rise and influence of social media platforms like Houzz and Pinterest can't be overstated. The way to stand out from your competitors and offer differentiation is by using virtual reality and 3D architectural renders crafted for your target market.

The Power of Virtual Reality and 3D Architectural Renders In Luxury Home Sales

Today, virtual reality is playing a role in how we perceive, interact and experience the world around us. This cutting-edge technology is changing how luxury homes are being designed, built, marketed and sold. The most challenging aspect of marketing an unbuilt luxury real estate project during the pre-sale stage of development is convincing buyers of the quality, uniqueness and design attributes before building a model home.

Virtual reality has the ability to create a “real” experience for buyers without the needs for, or expense of building a model. At Village Features, we're experts at using the latest technology for creating pre-sale virtual materials that support luxury home marketing and sales. Our MirageVR solution lets high-value home buyers the option of experiencing a pre-built project in an immersive virtual experience using a VR headset like the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR. Mirage also offers them the option of experiencing a project online using a phone, tablet or computer.

Along with virtual reality, 3D architectural renders can help your buyer understand the advantages of buying the homes you build. These photorealistic, 3D images can provide the information a buyer needs for form an emotional connection with your project. Interior and exterior photorealistic 3D illustrations are an excellent alternative when budget constraints prohibit the development of a full-blown virtual reality tour. 3D illustrations are not only valuable during the pre-sale phase before a project is complete, but they can also be used later in the process as marketing collateral to engage buyers and drive sales, making them a smart investment.

How 3D Architectural Renders Are Created

The process begins with onsite photography to capture the empty lots from a variety of different vantage points. The homes are then modeled and placed together as they are to be built on the lots. The rendered homes are layered on top of the existing photos and tweaked in photoshop to make them appear as if they are already built. Alternately, if architectural renders already exist, for example, if the architect has created Vectorworks 3D files, these can be taken and have detail, materials, and lighting to bring the concept to life. These images can then be layered over the existing site photography to create photorealistic 3D images.

3D Illustration and Virtual Reality Costs

While the costs for 3D illustration and virtual reality are expensive, the fact is that these materials allow developers to create sales materials, before breaking ground. That means pre-sales can start earlier in the process, without the need or expense of creating a model home. Because these materials are deliverable through a variety of mediums, from immersive virtual reality tours viewed through a headset, or viewable on a phone, tablet or computer, your buyers market expands to a worldwide audience.

Using VR and 3D illustration means you're able to market, and sell, to buyers well beyond the local area of your development, much earlier in the process. In fact, a single pre-sale can cover your costs, and you'll still have the materials for later in the selling process making this technology a cost-effective alternative to the traditional pre-sale methods of architectural drawings, blueprints and model homes.

While each project is different, at Village Features, we not only offer custom quotes geared toward your specific project, we also offer various packages to our clients. Whether you're considering a simple 3D illustration or a completely immersive virtual reality program for a single property or a multi-unit development we can provide you with all of the material at a cost-effective price. Packages include:

• 3D Illustration ( starting a) $995.00

• Mirage VR – Single $2495.00

• Mirage VR-Core Package $8995.00

• Mirage VR Premium Package $14,995.00

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits and costs of creating virtual marketing materials for your next project, give us a call! We're happy to explore and explain all of your options as well as provide you with a free quote for services.

Virtual reality sells more homes, faster than any other method currently available. As an early adopter of this revolutionary technology, you can start the sales process earlier, establish your firm as an industry leader through differentiation, as well as assure potential buyers of your attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship using a medium that offers the same emotional experience as a physical visit. VR marketing materials are a smart investment that will pay for themselves with the first sale! Call Village Features today and let us show you how!