Marketing High-End Real Estate With Matterport Virtual Tours

 Marketing High-End Real Estate With Matterport

Matterport Virtual Tours Help Sell High-End Real Estate

Immersive technologies like virtual reality and it's cousin augmented reality are changing the way we live, learn, market and sell. For luxury homebuilders, this technology is allowing them to create incredible emotionally driven experiences that will enable them to have a lifelike experience touring a property without having to step inside a physical structure.

Imagine the competitive advantage of offering clients a 24/7 “open house” as a way to market your property. This is the power of virtual reality. Companies like Matterport with their 3D Pro Camera technology are providing developers and real estate agents with the ability to create immersive virtual reality experiences that can be delivered through technologies like the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Apple iPhone X.

Today, you can provide your potential buyers from anywhere in the world with an emotionally driven experience that is as moving and “real” as walking through the front door.

How Matterport 360 technology Works

Matterport's technology is used in existing structures. At Village Features, we're very familiar with this technology, and while we often use technology to create virtual tours of homes that are not yet built, Matterport technology takes a series of 360-degree shots of existing homes and using their proprietary software, turn these photos into a virtual tour.

Their 360 – 3D Pro Camera sits on a tripod and then rotates 360-degrees scanning the room and collecting data this is then used to create a 3D display. The camera may need to be repositioned to get several scans to capture the entire space. Once scanning is completed, the information is then loaded to the Matterport cloud server, where the images are organized into your custom immersive home tour.

The rendering is stored on Matterport's server, and a portal allows you to share the tour with potential buyers. They offer a player that can be uploaded to your website listing page where clients can click on the player to see the 3D tour. No specialized equipment is required to view the tour. It's viewable on any device from smartphones, to laptops or tablets. It's also viewable on any VR headset like the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard.

The Benefits of a Matterport 360 Tour

Matterport tours can be easily shared to any device through your existing marketing channels. 3D immersive virtual reality allows users to experience a home tour as if they were physically inside the space. VR can not only help increase sales, but early adoption of the technology will also brand your business as an innovator in the space. This type of marketing technology captivates buyers and motivates sellers.

Matterport technology allows you to:

Expand your Market

Virtual reality negates the old saying that “all real estate is local.” Today, using this technology it's possible to provide out-of-town or even international buyers with an immersive experience that makes them feel as if they are physically in the home. The experience is so real that it creates the type of emotional ties that sell luxury homes.

Currently, worldwide economic trends are creating tremendous buying opportunities for foreign buyers. Many urban and resort areas are enjoying increasing international sales. With this technology, you can provide these buyers with an emotionally bonding experience from the comfort of their couch. They can experience a tour as if the were there saving the time and expense of traveling to view a home.

Address Privacy Concerns

Selling a luxury home can be disruptive to the current owners. 3D technology allows sellers of these types of properties to market their homes around the clock with no disruption to their daily lives. Prospective buyers can view the home at their convenience, and buyers who wish to view the home in person after a virtual experience are pre-qualified. VR can help buyers make an informed decision on whether to take the next steps earlier in the buying process.

Rent Properties More Easily

Many large-scale developments and resorts have dedicated real estate offices that rent vacation homes for residents. Gaining access to a rental unit can sometimes be difficult. Offsite homeowners can be difficult to pin down when it comes time for a walkthrough. 3D rental tours allow a rental agent to reduce the number of physical requests and enable potential renters the ability to view the property virtually, right down to the view from the windows!

Sell More Properties Faster

Onsite realtors who use Matterport or other VR technology are selling more units, faster. Matterport has made VR tours available to everyone. The technology is easy to use, stores renderings on the cloud for access anytime from anywhere. In fact, potential buyers of properties offering virtual tours spend 3-times as much time exploring the listings and are 95% more likely to request further information.

Matterport Camera Limitations

While Matterport 360 technology offers a host of benefits, there are some limitations to be aware of.

• Dynamic Range – While Matterport technology is suitable for most properties, it does lack high-definition making details like some textures and lighting difficult to capture accurately.

• Camera Size – The camera is large and bulky and will require a sturdy tripod.

Time – Capturing every room in a large luxury property takes time, up to several hours (at least 4 hours for shooting)

• Image UsabilityMatterport stores all of your images on their server and makes them difficult to download. If you do cancel the service, make sure you can take all of your images with you.

  • Cost – As of July 2017, the Matterport camera cost $3995.

VR Alternatives to Matterport

While the Matterport is an excellent technology, there are options. Each comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Alternative cameras and systems include the Ricoh Theta S, The Insta360 Pro, and the Panono camera.

At Village Features, we use a variety of technologies for creating 360-degree virtual tours. If you'd like to learn more about 360 capture technology or any of the tools we use to create virtual home tours, give us a call!

We're experts, and we use the latest technologies available to create emotionally moving experiences for our clients to help them sell more homes, faster. We're always happy to answer your questions about our process and how we can help you grow your business!