Property Brothers Design Software | Using 3d Technology for Remodeling

 The Property Brothers Made 3D Technology Popular. Learn How They Did it.

The Property Brothers Made 3D Technology Popular. Learn How They Did it.

Technology has drastically changed how architectural companies can present proposals of new buildings to prospects. The days of impressing a prospect by simply showing a drawing are gone forever. This is due to the emergence of digital tools like 3D architectural renders.

The Property Brothers utilize this method to help turn prospects into clients during the sales stage. Let's take a look at how this process works:

Get Critical Feedback

When prospective clients are presented with a 3D rendering of a building, they will be able to have a good idea of exactly what the completed structure will look like. Therefore, they can voice any concerns regarding how they believe the structure can be improved prior to the beginning of the construction process.

This input is valuable and can be used to give the prospective client a greater number of options so they are more likely to be satisfied.

Achieve Product/Market Fit

Though typically applied to startup companies, product/market fit is that crucial time when what you offer (product) aligns aligns perfectly with what a thriving market wants/needs.  It is critical to determine the feasibility of a building prior to money being spent on construction costs.

3D architectural renders can give all of the people involved the information they need to decide if a specific environment is the right location for the proposed structure.

Conduct Market Research

The Property Brothers use 3D architectural renders to gather the opinions of prospects about specific types of buildings, additions, and finishing touches.

The data that is collected using this process is then used to adjust the designs of the renders to better fit the tastes of potential clients.  That way there is little guesswork in determining what clients will like, it’s based on observation and research.

Give Your Clients A "What You See Is What You Get" Experience

Prior to a prospect agreeing to become a client, they want to know exactly what the structure will look like when it is completed.

This is not surprising, and Property Brothers believes the use of 3d rendering software is the most effective way to give people a true to life image that will help to get them over the hump and commit to building and/or renovating their dream home.

Since prospects can request changes after seeing the rendering, it eliminates the need to make costly changes after supplies and building materials have been ordered and construction is underway.

Fulfilling Expectations Of Prospective Clients

The use of 3D software will leave little to your prospective client's imagination.

When people are going to be spending significant sums of money on construction, it is always important for them to know exactly what they will be getting.

After viewing the 3D rendering, the prospect can rest easy because they will know what the structure will look like.

After that, it is just a matter of getting them to sign on the dotted line to turn the prospect into a client.

To learn more about how 3d software can give you a competitive advantage check out the free course below.