Property Brothers Software | Selling Real Estate with 3D Renders

Fixer-uppers can be tough to sell. Buyers have a hard time looking past things like dated wallpaper and linoleum, dirty carpeting and wood paneling, even though those issues are all cosmetic.

They can’t picture themselves in a home with boxy, closed-off rooms when they’re looking for an open concept, even if those walls are easily removed. 


Showing buyers a 3D rendering of what’s possible can change their minds.

When a buyer sees a realistic, photo-quality image of how a renovation can transform the space, they’re suddenly able to look past mirrored walls or pink bathroom tile - picturing themselves in a sleek, modern space.

Telling buyers that renovations are possible isn’t that convincing, butshowing them is. 


The Property Brothers Method

When HGTV’s Property Brothers take on clients - say, for instance, a young couple - they start by showing them a dream home they can’t afford.

The idea is to get the buyers excited about an updated design, then bring them back down to reality by revealing the budget-busting price. (For those who haven’t seen the show, Jonathan and Drew Scott are twins. Jonathan is a contractor and Drew is a real estate expert.) 

Next, the brothers show the clients two affordable but tired houses, promising that they can make the properties look just as good as the dream home with a renovation.The clients never seem convinced - until the 3D rendering is unveiled.

If you’re a fan of the show, you know how clients react to the unveiling. They say things like, “I can’t believe this is the same house,” or “You can actually do that with this place?”

Property Brothers software uses computer animation to show how the home would look with walls removed, new flooring, fresh paint, modern appliances, new furniture and more.

At Village Features we do the same thing. We create photo-quality visuals that show the renovation or new construction from a specific angle (or multiple angles).  We also create a 3d virtual tour of the would-be space. (Sorry for the shameless promotion)

Is A 3D Rendering Worth The Cost? 

3D renderings are not reserved for television real estate experts. You can do this in the real world, and for less money than you might think.

Prices typically run from $1500-$4000.  This buys you a rendering of a single room or a front yard shot of the home.  Of course there are less expensive options but they don't usually have the same impact.

A 3D rendering is a marketing tool to consider for a home that has been sitting on the market because it is badly in need of renovation.

Renderings depicting renovation possibilities can be posted on MLS, in marketing materials and on social media. Buyers who wouldn’t have given the property a second glance before might be willing to take a look. 

Listing agents who don’t want to sacrifice a portion of their commission can ask the buyer to consider covering the cost. Much like staging, 3D rendering is a tool that shows buyers the potential in a property. Sometimes you have to spend money to make it. 

One word of caution, though: Anytime you use 3D renderings depicting a possible renovation, hire a contractor to estimate how much that renovation would cost in real life.

If you’re going to sell buyers on the dream, it’s only fair to provide them with realistic info on the cost. 

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