Selling Resort and Country Club Memberships with Virtual Panoramic Tours

 Selling Resort and Country Club Memberships with Virtual Panoramic Tours

Resort marketing is all about selling people on the lifestyle, not just a piece of property. Leisure time is precious to most people. They work hard, so when it’s time to play they want the setting to be perfect and the experience flawless. 

Virtual panoramic tours help sell that dream, whether your resort or country club is in the planning stages, under construction or being renovated. They provide potential members a look at exactly what your property will offer - in advance of opening.

Also known as 3D virtual tours, panoramic tours use high-tech simulation software to create video-like tours of the property. They show the finished project in a way that artist renderings cannot, with 360-degree views of the property in lifelike animation. 

Improve your resort marketing with 3D virtual tours

Resort marketing can be challenging when the property is not complete. People have a hard time imagining the finished property, and they might be hesitant to buy in when they’re not exactly sure what they’re getting. Will the resort or country club turn out as beautiful as described? Will it be worth the investment?

3D virtual tours answer those questions by putting potential buyers right inside the property. The simulated tours allow them to “walk” around the property, from the clubhouse to the golf course or from the pool to the beach. They can zoom in on specific features to examine the property in more detail. 

Developers and resort or country clubs owners are using virtual panoramic tours to:

  • Boost sales presentations and resort marketing efforts
  • Send targeted email campaigns to potential buyers previewing the property
  • Display the property on the website
  • Promote the project through social media posts
  • Close advance sales of resort or country club memberships
  • Help local planning officials understand the scope and design of the project
  • Keep investors and lenders apprised of the project
  • Solicit news coverage by sharing the tours with media outlets
  • Reduce the time spent on resort marketing
  • Prevent expensive project delays and mid-construction changes

Luxury buyers respond particularly well to 3D virtual tours. These are people who are spending a large chunk of money expecting high-end amenities. They’re going to be choosy about where they buy. If you can prove that you’re offering luxury and get them excited about the project, you’re far more likely to make a sale.

3D virtual tours: realistic resort marketing that also cuts costs

One of the best features of 3D virtual tours is the realism. The tours are created based on a real photograph of the property, so you can assure buyers that what they’re seeing is what they will get, not phony resort marketing. The tours are virtually to scale, so buyers won’t have to worry that certain features or details have been exaggerated.

Potential cost savings, as we touched on above, are another benefit. Poor communication, misunderstandings about a design or late-stage design changes can delay a project, wasting time and money. When you use a 3D virtual tour to share your design with the public, local planning officials and buyers, there’s little question that you’re all on the same page. The less time you spend going back and forth, the less you’ll spend.

3D virtual tours are designed to be compatible with MACs, PCs, tablets and mobile devices, so you won’t have to worry about technology issues. They’re available in different formats, and the files can be emailed with clogging an inbox.