Top 10 Interior Design Software Apps 2015

Those daunting days of interior design choices have fallen away. Thankfully, with the advent of user-friendly interior design software apps, redecorating has never been easier with just the touch of a fingertip.

Here are our picks for the top 10 interior design software apps for 2015!

 Screen Shots: Houzz App

Screen Shots: Houzz App

Screen Shots: Houzz App


Since its launch in Palo Alto in 2009, Houzz has become a force to be reckoned with in the interior design world.

The free Houzz app has been downloaded millions of times since its initial launch in 2009. The app features “ideabooks” by design professionals which showcase a multitude of creative design ideas and is ideal for photo sharing and for saving design ideas.

Houzz is a must pick for our list of top 10 interior design software choices.


This innovative app lets users create a virtual storyboard of their home improvement project by fitting the photos into a layout that shows the project’s ongoing progress. The app was created to be used as a personal design folder, and allows users to interface with other home improvers. 


This free app, created by the paint color experts at Benjamin Moore, features an amazing designer color detector, which allows users to upload photos of color inspirations that can be matched to one of Benjamin Moore’s actual paint colors. This easy to use, free app helps the color challenged to find new color combinations and explore the intricacies of color hues. 

 Screen Shots: Color Capture by Benjamin Moore

Screen Shots: Color Capture by Benjamin Moore



This free app literally does the interior design imagining for the client. Users can upload a photo of a room, and then try out a multitude of redecorating schemes by adding virtual furnishings from the app’s store of design photos. Different shades of paint color can also be easily tried out, without having to buy all those paint samples. 


Offered by Behr Mobile, this is another color matching app. This user-friendly app allows the viewer to easily match colors to paints in the Behr paint color line, as well as try out different shades and combinations of color on photos of interiors and exteriors.


  Screen Shots: Remodelista

 Screen Shots: Remodelista

This clever app (cost, $2.99) showcases beautiful design interiors for inspiration, and also offers a list of top ten favorite products. 


This realtor friendly app allows users to realistically price remodeling costs. Pricing is based on screen images of design inspirations plus the estimated costs for materials and labor as well as the pricing of real estate in the user’s area. This innovative app is a great asset for budget conscious remodelers.


This free app allows users to build a virtual, 2D version of an interior (including furnishings) and then see it in 3D on screen. 

“Home Design 3D app is amazingly helpful and also very futuristic and fun!”


This app from Lowe’s hardware store allows users to create a virtual room design in impressive 3D imaging. The detailed images on the app leave very little to the remodeler’s imagination, which is a great thing when pricing a home makeover.

 Screen Shots: Lowe's Virtual Room Designer

Screen Shots: Lowe's Virtual Room Designer

This free software from Ikea makes our list due to the popularity of Ikea. The app allows users to plan their rooms with Ikea furniture, which is very useful for shoppers who want to make the most of their Ikea furnishings once they get them home.

That's it for our list of the top 10 interior design software picks for 2015. Enjoy and happy redecorating!