Using Virtual Panoramic Tours to Sell Interior Design Services


An impressive portfolio or a referral might bring a client to your door, but those things do not guarantee a sale. Clients want to know what you can do for them in their home. How will you transform the space into their personal oasis?

Explaining your vision is one thing, but clients don’t always understand descriptions of various design styles and themes. Even if they get them in the conceptual sense, they may not have a clear picture what you’re describing. That’s where virtual panoramic tours come into play.

Virtual panoramic tours, also known as 3D virtual tours, offer a computer-generated tour of what the home will look like when the design is complete. Much like you see in home design or renovation shows, the tours offer a virtual but realistic look at how the design will appear when it is finished.

How do 3D tours sell interior design services?

3D virtual tours allow clients to see panoramic 360˚ views of each room’s design plan. They can move from one room to the next and zoom in on certain features. Clients will gain a clear understanding of how the design flows, whether they like certain pieces of furniture and whether the color scheme works for them. They will get a sense of how the room feels, similar to if they were present in the room, gaining a first-hand appreciation for your interior design services.

These virtual tours are effective for marketing and closing sales because they allow the clients to imagine themselves in the space. 2D drawings don’t have the same effect because they don’t translate as well. For someone who is not a design professional, 2D plans can be confusing and unrealistic.

If you specialize in high-end homes or large-scale projects, you’ll want to give some thought to commissioning 3D virtual tours. Clients who are spending many tens or hundreds of thousands on interior design don’t want any surprises. They trust your judgement - in all hopes - but they want to understand how the home will look, feel and flow before signing off on interior design services.

3D virtual tours also reduce the likelihood of design changes late into the design process, or worse, once the work has begun. When a client sees your design before it exists, they’re less likely to decide later that the design doesn’t work. If a single change or delay is avoided, you could recoup the cost of a virtual tour.

How else can 3D virtual tours be used to sell interior design services?

If you’re a smaller firm or you’re not ready to commit to offering 3D virtual tours to every potential client, there are other uses for the technology. You can commission a 3D tour of your dream space - even if it’s like nothing you’ve designed in the past - for marketing purposes.

Much like video tours of homes that are for sale tell a story more effectively than photos, a 3D virtual tour gives clients a better sense of your design style than flat drawings. Even if you haven’t completed a similar project, you can use 3D virtual tours to show potential clients your capabilities. Sparking a client’s imagination is a great way to sell interior design services.

Interior designers are increasingly using 3D virtual tours to market and sell interior design services through the web, social media sites like Pinterest and Houzz, and email campaigns. The tours can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets or emailed via a link. To see one in action click below.