What are 3D Virtual Tours?

 Photorealistic 3d virtual tour

Photorealistic 3d virtual tour

A relatively new technology, 3D virtual tours bring architectural plans, building designs and interior design plans to life - before they exist. They’re used to help market and sell projects, and to cut project costs.

3D virtual tours are essentially computer-generated tours of what a building or space will look like when it’s complete.

These virtual tours show 360-degree views of the exterior or interior in realistic detail. They’re effective because they allow a person to imagine themselves in the space in a way that’s not possible with flat building plans, sketches or artist renderings.

3D virtual tours are being used by marketers, architects, developers, interior designers, design-build contractors, landscape architects and more to show potential clients and the public how their work will appear.

They’re affordable, they allow for better communication with the client and they close sales.

How Are Built Environment Professionals Using 3D Virtual Tours?

When you’re selling architectural, building or design services, customer buy-in is half of the battle. You might have an amazing design, but you won’t land the client if your vision doesn’t translate.

3D virtual tours remove the guesswork: There’s no question that you and the client will be on the same page. Rather than describing your vision, you can display it in photorealistic quality. 

3D virtual tours are increasingly used to:

•  Boost pre construction sales, especially for new communities and luxury condo projects

•  Sell architectural and building plans to potential customers

•  Market architectural, building and design services via websites, social media sites and email marketing

•  Create polished and professional sales presentations

•  Speed up the local planning board approval process by providing officials with a clearer understanding of the project

•  Prevent costly late-stage changes to the design

•  Help homebuyers understand exactly what they are buying

The technology used for 3D virtual tours makes them tablet and mobile friendly, so clients and potential customers will never have trouble viewing them.

They’re available in different formats, including HTML and Flash and can be used in email marketing campaigns.

When clients view 3D virtual tours, they will be able to “walk” through the property, grounds, building or home. They’ll get an accurate feel of the layout and flow, and they’ll be able to zoom in on specific features and details.

When Should I Invest In 3D Virtual Tours? 

3D virtual tours are especially valuable for large production homebuilders, luxury condo projects, large-scale home renovations or interior decorating projects, resort developments, shopping centers and other high-value commercial projects.

When the stakes are high, it’s especially important to make sure your vision is clear.

Luxury buyers are especially receptive to 3D virtual tours. These are buyers that are expecting the best, and they want to make sure their expectations are being met. 

If you can’t sell them on your vision, you probably won’t sell them at all. 

The cost of a 3D virtual tour is almost negligible for a big project, and 3D tours can save money by avoiding project delays or late changes.

3D virtual tours also have a value that is not entirely tangible, particularly with homebuyers or homeowners. 

When you’re selling architectural, building or interior design services, you’re selling a lifestyle. These tours help clients create a connection with the space and imagine their life that way.  

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