What Is Mixed Reality and Can It Be Used For Real Estate Sales?

 What Is Mixed Reality and Can It Be Used For Real Estate Sales?

Create New Environments With Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality offers developers and builders an attractive option to immersive VR and 360-video when it comes to marketing luxury properties. Mixed reality can be viewed either as an independent concept to virtual reality or as a classification in the spectrum of reality technologies. As a stand alone concept, mixed reality combines the best features of immersive virtual reality and augmented reality. It encompasses all possible variations and compositions of real and virtual reality.

Because of its flexibility, MR offers luxury home developers and builders a unique technology that can be used as an effective sales tool that encompasses both the immersive elements of VR with the design possibilities of AR to create the emotional response that sells homes.

Let's explore the technology of MR, what it is, and how it can be used as a real estate marketing tool to increase the delivery time to market and drive sales.

What Is Mixed Reality?

MR is sometimes referred to as Hybrid Reality as it aims to combine the best of both immersive virtual reality and augmented reality. It encompasses the spectrum of situations that span the line between virtual reality and actual reality. As a concept, MR can include augmented reality, augmented virtuality and other mixed configurations.

In a mixed reality environment, users navigate through the real and virtual environments seamlessly and simultaneously. Instead of being completely immersed in a virtual world, virtual objects are anchored in the user's real world space and augment the real environment. MR makes virtual interactions appear “real.” User interactions mimic the natural behavior of interaction. The object will appear to get bigger as they get closer and will change perspective as you move around these virtual objects.

The Application of Mixed Reality in the Real Estate Process

Because of the flexibility of MR technology and its interaction between the virtual and real environment, it can play a role throughout the design/build process, from the earliest stages of the sales process, right through picking finishes and fixtures and throughout the interior design phase.

For example, arming a sales staff with a tablet loaded with a library of home designs can help start the sales process. By taking prospective buyers to an empty lot, using the tablet, a virtual home design can be “placed” on the lot and give customers a vision of the final product, where it will sit on the lot, how it feels to walk around the property, even the landscaping choices available. This can help to jump start the sales process without the need to incur the expense of building model homes in different styles.

As you move through the design process onto construction, MR can play a role in picking finishes and fixtures. Again using a tablet, your designer can present a variety of scenarios for example when picking kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Buyers can see their kitchen with white cabinets and soapstone countertops, or dark wood and Carrara Marble. By giving buyers a visual representation using mixed reality, the process can be accelerated decreasing construction time and accelerating delivery, which can translate to more profit for developers.

As your interior design team begins to work on elements like feature walls, fireplace surrounds, lighting and more, mixed reality can again play a substantial role in finalizing choices. Buyers can see a fireplace in different locations, with different designs, surrounds and mantles to finalize significant design elements within their home.

Gain Competitive Differentiation With Virtual Reality Technologies

At Village Features, we are experts in the use of technology to drive sales in the luxury home market. We've provided virtual reality services to clients like Kiawah Island Resorts in South Carolina that help them to increase sales by double digits. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you gain competitive differentiation and a competitive advantage in your market, give us a call. We're always happy to answer your questions and show you how the power of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality can drive your sales higher.

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