Through this course I'm going to help you to learn and understand all of the benefits of using virtual reality tours to sell, or even pre-sell luxury properties. VR tours can lower your costs, increase your ability to generate high-quality leads and close them, increase your flexibility and truly stand out from your competition.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but a really great, well produced virtual reality tour of a high-end home can be magical. Words cannot describe the effectiveness of being immersed in a virtual world. To truly understand the power of virtual reality you need to experience it yourself, or watch as a potential customer reacts to the experience of walking through one of your virtual homes with amazement. I've seen customers reach out, trying to touch or manipulate an object they are seeing inside a virtual world. Every time you're sure to hear them say something like “WOW! That's just so ...real!”

Experiencing a virtual walk through of a beautiful luxury home is an emotional experience. Customers walk away from the tour with a visceral feeling of what the space is actually like. More than simply how it looks, but how it would be to live there and how it relates to the environment around it. Where it is actually placed in its surroundings, how far from the beach or lake, how grand or intimate the rooms feel, how it looks with furniture and the overall flow of the space.

The decision to build a second or third home is extremely important. The use of virtual reality will make the process even more seamless, as it allows potential homeowners to visualize life on Kiawah – from the covered porch where family and friends will gather to relax to where they will eat meals together.
— Chris Drury, president of Kiawah Island Real Estate and broker-in-charge.

A well produced virtual reality experience immerses the viewer, both visually and through audio, into the space and gives your prospective buyers the ability to connect with the home on an emotional level. They will walk away from the experience responding like they have just had a very real, very human experience! That's the power of really good VR!

In the next chapter, we'll look at how the quality of your 3D VR renderings can hit the right notes in terms of “realism.”

F8 is Facebook's annual conference. The following is the 2015 keynote lecture from Michael Abrash, Chief Scientist of Oculus. View his explanation of where virtal reality is now and where VR is going in the near future.