Front Light Building Company, Habersham, SC & Anne Hagerty Interior Design, Savannah, GA

The Client

Village Features was engaged by Front Light Building Company and Anne Hagerty Interior Design to build a virtual reality tour of a single model home located in Habersham South Carolina as well as other communities. The goal of this project had twofold.

  1. To create a virtual tour to market the homes
  2. To illustrate three design styles in a single home.

Interior Designer Anne Hagerty, located in Savannah Georgia created the interior designs called coastal cottage, and classic elegance. Detailed selections of the counter tops, flooring, furniture, cabinetry, hardware, light fixtures, wall color, and fabrics were specified for each style. Village Features modeled each item in each design to match the interior designer's vision for each specification. The project provides Front Light Building Company a marketing tool to help prospective clients seeking luxury homes experience a life-like walk through of the design. It is also a sales tool for Anne Hagerty Interior Design. The furniture, artwork, and most of the materials found in the tours are available for sale on Hagerty's website.

The Creative Process

This virtual tour is intended to be primarily viewed online. It is hosted by Roundme, a virtual tour cloud hosting company. The VR is designed in what's called a point by point or spherical maps design. Realistic lighting is what makes for a successful virtual reality experience. Our use of modeling mimics the way light is cast by the lighting fixtures specified in the CAD drawings.  This approach enabled us to convey realism, clarity, and to illustrate details of the furnishings and decor items in the space.   The virtual tour was rendered at 8000 by 4000 pixels and was formatted for a Gear VR a headset. This allows the clients to use the MirageVR tour at trade shows, events, and sales offices. The target audience includes people who would be interested in investing in the in Front Light Building Company's Habersham, SC project, as well as investors, and developers who are looking to have these homes built for them on their land.