Closing Sales On Unbuilt Real Estate Is Hard

You know how hard it is to sell something that doesn't exist yet. Today's discerning luxury buyer expects unique purchasing experiences. 

Your buyers yearn for an experience where they are able to see their property as built.

Where it's accurate down to the details, elegantly simple to use, and appealing to the emotions and expectations of your buyers.

Your buyer needs an experience to bridge the chasm of believability in their mind.  

Thankfully there is a better way...

Virtual Reality is already playing a role in altering the way we interact, perceive and experience the world around us. The future is the present, and now is the time to react to changes affecting the luxury real estate industry...
— Luxury Estates International

Village Features builts exquisite VR experiences for the luxury residential and resort markets

I’ve really enjoyed using virtual reality tours as an additional, impressive marketing tool in our arsenal for Kiawah’s built-for-sale homes. It’s far easier for our agents to sell a home when a prospective homebuyer can walk through a model and see the real thing, but when we don’t have one available, a virtual reality tour is the next best thing.

Our use of virtual reality tours also positions Kiawah on the cutting edge in terms of technology in luxury real estate. We offer them in multiple ways: in person via a Samsung Gear VR headset or remotely via our website, email, and social media accounts, since the VR tours also work well on computers, tablets, and smartphones. We’ve been very pleased with the number of times they’ve been viewed: thousands of times, even though they were launched fairly recently.
— Tiffany Jonas, Advertising and Marketing Manager, Kiawah Island Real Estate

Discover the Village Features Difference

the future of homebuying
— Forbes Magazine

You need virtual reality experts with a proven track record of supporting luxury real estate marketing and sales.

Using our VR solution, our clients have sold tens of millions worth of property before it was even constructed.

Now is the time to stand above your competitors with cutting edge technology that Forbes Magazine called "the future of homebuying" with "earth-shattering changes will likely revolutionize the real estate industry".

Discover why Kiawah Island Real Estate and top luxury developers have trusted Village Features as their go-to source for everything virtual reality .