Kiawah Island's MirageVR Virtual Showrooms Featured in Forbes Magazine

The MirageVR virtual reality experience created by Village Features played a prominent role in an April 13, 2016 article for Forbes magazine titled "Virtual Showrooms: The Future of Homebuying is Now Reality". The article discussed the advancements of virtual reality as a sales and marketing tool for luxury residential properties and the use of MirageVR by Kiawah Island Real Estate in South Carolina. Author Scott Kramer relays his experience purchasing a home in the year 2000 and points to the advantages virtual reality has brought to the new construction sales process.  

Kramer relays his experience using the Oculus VR headset to view properties and states, "From the viewpoint of standing inside each room and seeing the architectural design, to taking in the calming views of the ocean and other scenery surrounding any given property, the VR technology allows future homeowners to genuinely picture themselves in the home and get a grasp for room sizes — replete with the actual vistas available from that specific lot."

Virtual reality is fast becoming the expected way to experience what it's like to view a property by prospective buyers considering the purchase of second and third homes. It is the very best way to sell luxury homes before they are built. The article quotes Chris Drury, president of Kiawah Island Real Estate as saying “The use of virtual reality will make the process even more seamless, as it allows potential homeowners to visualize life on Kiawah – from the covered porch where family and friends will gather to relax to where they will eat meals together.” 

Village Features MirageVR virtual reality tours are useful beyond the in-person sales process. Having MirageVR virtual reality tours available as part of Kiawah Island Real Estate's marketing made the Forbes magazine article possible. With an estimated circulation of 931,558 and the additional attributes of online sharing and promotion, Mirage VR virtual reality tours helped Kiawah Island reach potential buyers of their homes.

For an example of what the MirageVR experience is like, click on one of the images. To experience the full effects of a MirageVR virtual reality tour using a VR headset, contact Village Features.