How do you make a tour of an unbuilt building?

  1. We gather all necessary material from our clients (see next question), then we create a digital replica of the home using 3D modeling software, next we apply virtual materials that mimic real world materials such as stone, wood, tile, etc.
  2. Next we go through a process called lighting and rendering where we place lights in the scene and the computer will calculate realistic looking lighting. 
  3. Then after the rendering is complete we will touch up the imagery in photoshop, load it into our virtual tour app on the web (, and publish it for viewing. 
  4. For customers using the Gear VR we will format the images to maximize the quality of the rendering on the headset.

What files do you need to build the tour?

  • Digital CAD files (typically autocad .dwg) of the floorplan, elevations, and details OR a 3d Revit, Archicad, Sketchup, or Vectorworks model. 
  • Materialscolorshardwarelightingflooringpaint colorsappliance package(s)
  • As for furniture and decor, we provide excellent interior design templates or we can assist you with the look with our in-house team or copy the look from your interior designer.
  • Site and/or landscape plan

Will the virtual reality headsets make my customers get motion sickness?

Most likely no.

We have made every effort through research and testing to ensure your customer's experience with the virtual headset is both comfortable and enjoyable.  

While motion sickness is a possibility, we have been able to all but eliminate it through our use of standardized processes and best practices.

When you say 360˚ rendering, what does that mean and how is that different to perspective renderings?

Rendering firms create images that are in perspective, ie. they only cover a specific field of view.  To show more they use a wide angle, to show less they use a narrow angle.  When it comes to perspective there are a few problems: 

  • You are only getting a partial view
  • The perspective view distorts your perception of the space.
  • A 360˚ rendering records the whole view from a single point using special imaging algorithms.
  • We can’t use any ‘tricks’ to add light to the scene since you can see in every direction so we’re forced to show only the lighting that is generated from the lights and sun, ensuring accuracy.
  • You get proper context from a specific vantage point, you can look all around to see how the scene fits together.
  • Since there is no distortion you get an accurate depiction of scale, especially when viewing through the Samsung GearVR, objects look life-size.

How much does a tour cost?

Every project is different so that's why we don't presume to know how much your project will cost before we talk with you, assess your needs, and work together on a solution that will help you and your company succeed.  We do however offer convenient packages designed for maximum ROI.  [MirageVR Packages]

We create house plans for builders and developers, is this a good solution for us?

Absolutely, especially if you have a very popular floorplan you want to modify for different tastes/styles.  

Do you shoot virtual tours of a finished model?

Yes, we offer our customers who use Mirage VR the opportunity to have a virtual tour of their built models using our network of highly skilled panoramic photographers.