How To Be Prepared For The Virtual Reality Tsunami



This is a course about how to properly implement VR (Virtual Reality) technology in Real Estate.

It's applicable for real estate marketers, builders, developers, architects (both building and landscape), urban designer, interior designers, and city planners.

It’s interesting because cold, hard computer-generated VR actually enhances the emotional experience that can boost the image of your brand, firm, property, or city.


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  1. Why think about using 3D virtual reality?

    • How really good VR tours can increase sales, lower costs, and increase your ability to punch above your weight.

  2. What details make the biggest difference? 

    • What separates a mediocre from a great VR experience, and what mistakes to look out for and avoid.

  3. How to help buyers really love your VR experience.

    • How to create a great VR experience for potential buyers.

  4. Getting more bang for your buck.

    • How to get the most business benefit from your new VR assets.

  5. Avoid common mistakes... and many other things.

    • More than anything, this course will help you expensive and common mistakes when it comes to using 3D renderings and virtual reality to help you sell more homes.

Here are the course topics:


Day 1

The Magic of VR - Why VR will end up being the marketing and sales tool for the real estate industry.

Day 2

VR And Your Buyer's Emotions - How VR can be an amazing sales and marketing tool, but if you cut corners by using inferior quality, you won’t get that emotional connection.

Day 3

How high-quality virtual reality tours can help boost sales and dramatically reduce the barrier of entry for development.

Day 4

How VR can dramatically reduce costs.

Day 5

What makes for a GREAT VR experience.

Day 6

How to use VR to balance emotion and logic in your buyer's mind.

Day 7

Discomfort and in VR (and how to prevent it).

Day 8

Different types of VR (and which one is right for your customer)

Day 9

Optimizing the VR user experience.

Day 10

Making the most of your VR investment.