MirageVR is specifically designed to help luxury homebuilders, developers, and real estate professionals:

  • Sell luxury homes, townhomes, and condos from plan...

  • Appeal to both their logic and emotions so they'll be more likely to buy...

  • Use Virtual Reality to empower your sales team to close more deals even without the aid of a model home to tour.

So, to be frank, if your firm is offering simple computer renderings while a competitor offers VR, the consumer’s choice is going to be an easy one.
— Eric Halsey, ArchDaily

Virtual Reality for Discerning Clientele

The greatest difficulty in marketing unbuilt luxury real estate projects for pre-sale is convincing potential buyers of the quality, uniqueness, and design attributes before building a model home.

We are virtual reality experts with a proven track record of supporting luxury marketing and sales.

Our MirageVR solution enables high-value home buyers the option of experiencing projects online on a phone, tablet or computer or using a virtual reality headset like the Samsung GearVR or Oculus Rift.

Now is the time to surpass competitors using cutting edge technology that Forbes Magazine called "the future of homebuying" with "earth-shattering changes will likely revolutionize the real estate industry".

When marketing unique residential properties to high net worth clientele, consider a virtual reality provider that understands your market. We will build you an experience that is as realistic, simple to use, and connects to your buyers’ emotions and expectations.

Give us a call and discover why Kiawah Island Real Estate and developers throughout the United States have trusted Village Features for VR marketing solutions.

Virtual Reality Sells Properties

Virtual reality is the next logical step in that development... the technology has the potential to all but make up for the disadvantage new developments face compared to their already built peers.
After all, who needs to walk through an apartment if you can stroll through an exact virtual replica?
— Konrad Putizer, Real Estate Weekly
Technology has made it easier for people to visualize the apartments, helping Time Equities sell a significant portion of the project’s units long before construction is completed.
— Javier Lattanzio, Sales Manager 50 West, NY

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What does MirageVR consist of?

The Mirage VR offering consists of advanced 360˚photography, cutting edge digital rendering, all wrapped up in a convenient online virtual tour style presentation or mind blowing virtual reality simulation.

Advanced 360˚ Photography

We photo capture 360˚ views from carefully selected vantage points.

This creates a connection to place since every community and lot is unique.  Connection to place is highly emotional and keeps your project top of mind and heart with buyers

Cutting Edge Digital Rendering

We skillfully render your floorplan complete with all materials and decor then blend it in perfectly with the 360˚ photography.

3D Virtual Tour Creation

We then build a 3d virtual tour ready for Mac, PC, and Mobile.

VR Experience

Virtual reality is revolutionizing architecture and Mirage VR takes virtual reality to devices like the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. 

It creates an experience that immerses you in the scene instead of looking at it.  

The experience really has to be seen to be believed, everything looks real and life size.

Your clients will be amazed at realism and scale the first time they put one of these on. 

It has been our experience that when used in the hands of an experienced salesperson, closing deals becomes much easier. 

A screen recording using a VR headset.